Min. 140 Windows / 8 hours, Max.160 Windows / 8 hours
Product Category SC 220/40
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      • All sawing, milling, drilling and marking operations on PVC profiles are gathered in one machine controlled by a computer.
      • Stacking of 10 profiles (max 6,5 m length)
      • Automatic cutting in all angles between 30° and 150° with accuracy of 0,1° by means of servo motors
      • Able to work in high speed and precision thanks to 7 axis controlled by servo motors
      • Ability to open drain slot routing, drilling and milling at variable angles Automatic conveyor belt system to transport scrap profile to the waste container.
      • Opens barrel, mirror and handle holes at door profiles simultaneously to increase the production speed by using extra 1 servo motor.
      • Ability to notify the user against incorrect loaded profile thanks to profile recognition system
      • Able to perform all operations precisely by the 7 tools on the milling group
      • Manual barcode labelling system which works integrated with CNC lines
      • 15” touch screen monitor
      • Industrial PC with Windows XP embedded which works between 0°C - 55°C without fan
      • Ability to work with the data coming from different window production software by giving minimum wastage
      • Safe production facility via three dimensional collision and error control system developed by Murat Machine Software Development Department
      • All errors can be seen on the screen with interface programme developed by Murat Machine Software Development departmen
      • Problem identification, solution and servicing by means of remote connections
      • Data transfer is available via network and connection or USB interface
      • Ability to back-up daily data on internal storage unit
      • With shift monitoring system, all operations can be controlled daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
      • Central lubrication system to ease the machine maintenance


    • DV-410 Screw Unit can be added as an option for Reinforcement profile screwing.

Obradni centar SC 220/40



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