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Murat Makina has been established in 1983, as the pioneer for manufacturing PVC and aluminum door-window profiles processing machines. With its sound infrastructure, making efficient use of national industry resources as well as Turkish engineering and labor forces, Murat has become the number one brand in the sector in a very short time and keeps its leading position in Turkey since then.

Using high quality materials in every aspect of production, investing in R&D, and experience in fulfilling customer needs resulted in manufacturing high quality, state of the art machinery at affordable prices. Even at crisis times both local and worldwide, Murat has never made a concession o its quality production principles. The high quality of Murat gained its name recognition and ensured it to be a well-known brand also beyond Turkey. Today, Murat exports machinery to 85 countries and provides on site technical service all over the world.

Murat operates at a modern manufacturing plant covering 16,500 m² located in Istanbul. Qualified 160 employees work to produce the best machinery and provide the best service for maximum customer satisfaction. The well trained sales team and technicians are always available to answer any queries that may come from customers regarding investment planning, machinery or technical service.

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